The vision of Fritz Schur Technical Group is "We bring value to our customers through our competencies". This is accomplished by focusing on our four Core Competencies:

  • Meeting Buyer's Purchase Criteria (BPC)

Unambiguous understanding of the Buyer’s Purchase Criteria is crucial in order to continuously being able to satisfy partners, thereby to develop cooperation and mutual business over time. One of the deciding factors in understanding and meeting the Buyer's Purchase Criteria is a clear notion of what we can promise and subsequently deliver. Each and every employee has a buyer, internally as well as externally, that he/she is accountable to - and defining these is the first step towards meeting their purchase criteria.

  • Partnering

Partnering means close, open and trustful relations with the company’s stakeholders, and that the partnership contributes to maintaining and developing the cooperation over time. The key to a good partnership is dialogue. Communication, information and knowledge sharing enable us to understand and meet the buyer’s purchase criteria. The next step is knowledge of the organization and - through communication - making sure that no promise is made on which the organization is unable to deliver.

Thus, Partnering takes place at all levels in our internal and combined value chain.

  • Process Management

Process Management is a significant competence enabling us to meet our vision. This includes the ability to identify, control and develop internal as well as external processes so that they will create value. The identification of the most important processes at any time, ensures focus and risk management. Leadership and development ensure that we deliver as expected – quality at the lowest possible cost – this being financial, personal, environmental, and societal costs. Therefore this is taken into account in planning and in the processes.

  • Changeability

The ability to continuously follow the rapid changes occurring in the market and in society, and at all times being able to make necessary adjustments in order to meet our BPC, calls for the willingness to change throughout the organization. Through the delegation of responsibility and decision-making authority, and based on information and communication, each individual will always be able to make the right decisions and know that the organisation stands behind this decision, so long as it being ethically and morally right.

These four Core Competences form the basis for the company's competitive foundation and enable us to deliver on our promises in relation to the organization’s stakeholders – internal as well as external.